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My Mathematical Formula (For Horse Racing) by Malcolm MacLean

ANZAC DAY - 2018 This is a SPECIAL deal


Now just $29.95 [DEL: was $39.95 :DEL]

BUT WAIT there is more... Purchase My Mathematical Formula now and
you will also receive as a special FREE bonus a copy of 'The Color
of Money' (Roulette) Completely FREE but this offer ends soon....

This is how you can achieve the type of money you all want!

In this profession there is only ONE WAY THAT EXISTS to make a fortune
on which to retire and during the whole process of accumulating this
fortune - YOUR CAPITAL IS NOT AT RISK. - This way is using My
Mathematical Formula(TM) and The Diabolical Staking Plan(TM)

Betting to level stakes or a percentage of a bank isn't going to
achieve very much...". perhaps a 5% Return On Investment at the end of
the year. And from what? A $20,000 betting bank? - That's $1000 in a
year profit. Who wants a minimal profit like that? And that's only if
you actually show a profit - Are you going to have a bank like that and
risk it all? - With this kind of use of level stakes, you'll be doing
it for the rest of your life, and for what?

We want to make a fortune now. My Mathematical Formula(TM) and The
Diabolical Staking Plan(TM) This is the ONLY way to achieve financial
independence. We also never increase our stake money and we never chase
loses. It's not a progressive plan or anything else equally as silly.
The Diabolical Staking Plan is very different to anything you have seen

Here below is My Mathematical Formula in detail. You will quickly
see why this method is the most successful method on the planet.

" My Mathematical Formula is the way you will win more money than
you can possibly imagine from horse racing.

Bet the way you do now if you like - JUST try this along side of
what you already do! - On success, you'll make 100 times more than
you do at the moment!

But, you need to know why you are buying this e-book - I'll show you
how to make this money - But you need to read why below and read all
of it "

"....I've achieved what people have been reaching out after for
centuries in the development of The Diabolical Staking Plan. Simple,
Straight Forward And just two steps in front of what you have
already been doing for years... Except this time, you'll profit.

will always be that on every bet you make, $10 - what I achieved
with this plan is something people have been dreaming of for a long,
long time, it's level stakes, it's percentage of a bank, it's
accumulative......and will pull in 100 times what you get now...This
is an approach no one has developed or even thought of before and
with safety built into it for when you hit that loser.

This is your chance to start making money from today:

The Diabolical Staking Plan has nothing whatsoever to do with
increasing your stake money or even worse, doubling up on your stake
money. It is using level stakes in a unique way.

You are already going to place $10 on every bet you make , so will I
and if I am successful and you are also successful, my winnings will
be 100 times higher than yours. If we both lose, we'll both have
lost the same stake amount.
You never have to quit the way you bet now if you don't want to....
just try this along side... Work a few things out for yourself...
Remember you are selecting a horse to run a place, NOT a win... It's
not hard to do at all..."

My Mathematical Formula in the very first chapter will show you how
to make the correct selections following simple and easy to
understand rules. This will give you an immediate success rate of
between 80% and 90%.

"..There is away to place bet on horses and to benefit from short priced
Place/Show bets and until we tried it ourselves we didn't think it was

Lee Morris

THE DIABOLICAL STAKING PLAN(TM) included with the e-book

My Mathematical Formula(TM) - conceived by MacLean in Australia and first
published in 1987, is quite simply extraordinary in that for example: A
sequence of just 5 selections with an original $50 stake at odds say of 1.5,
1.4, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8 will return, after the 5th. selection is
placed, $1182.45 Very impressive !

Furthermore we would all accept that a selection with a place odds of 1.30,
in an eight runner race, would probably not lose and using the staking plan
running a sequence of 20, not difficult to find in a month we suggest, and
with a $20 original stake, the return would be huge! Also impressive!

This plan comes with horse racing software spreadsheets configured in runs
of 5, 6, 7. 10, 12, 15 and 20 and all you have to do is enter your stake and
odds and the rest is done for you. We thoroughly recommend that you find
out more details and how you can substantially increase your return on

Lee Morris

My Mathematical Formula

by Malcolm MACLEAN(TM)









Over 94 FULL A4 Pages - Formatted Both Sides for easy

With My Mathematical Formula making selections and making money from
those selections is the easiest operation in the world - many might
disagree but after digesting the contents I believe will change
their point of view.

Place/Show Betting on my selections will give you an average 85%
success rate

....BUT My Mathematical Formula(TM) is good news for the punter,
whether it be for Horse Racing or any form of gambling, My
Mathematical Formula(TM) covers it all.

What other Professionals have said.....

".......Quoted Article.."

When I first bought this report (yes I bought it) I though it was
going to be some sort of weird Horse racing betting and Staking
plan.........Well I was right it is!

But not in the sense that it is rubbish, more like ingenious. Let me
explain. - In the report Mal shows a lot about picking a winner,
what to look for, tracks and form which is OK if you are new to
horse racing and picking winners.

What I was more interested in was his "Diabolical Staking Plan". I
know it sounds daft, but it isn't, its actually very good.
If someone showed you how to take a $1 bet and turn it into over
$129,000 you would think they have been drinking to much or been out
in the sun to much (what in the UK)!

Mal explains in pretty technical terms then in very simple terms,
(he has obviously had some feedback on this) how you can achieve it.
Will it work? - YES
At the end of the day it is simple math, but used in a very
interesting way. Don has also put a lot of safety features in so
what ever happens you are going to win. Overall this is a great
report with a lot of information and if you are serious about making
money from Horse Racing or to think of it any type of betting then
you should consider . it as "One to Get". horseracingsystemsuk

What this book is and isn't about

1. Will it work? - YES

2. Will it take me long to select the horses? - NO it can take you
less than ten minutes by just reading the Form in your local
Newspaper/Internet or Specialized Racing Magazine.

3. I saw this book My Mathematical Formula advertised on a full page
advert in The Australia Post Magazine around 1989 and I bought the
book, is this the same book? - YES pretty much the same, so if you
still have the original Printed Edition you don't necessarily need
this one... This version has been updated to include internet
information which was not available back then, plus we have
incorporated spreadsheets that calculate the bets, which certainly
makes things easier....It has also been updated to include an
International Audience...as My Mathematical Formula will work
anywhere in the world.

4. What is The Diabolical Staking Plan ? - In simple language this
plan was designed to accumulate colossal amounts of money when the
circumstances produced themselves, whilst minimizing any losses
along the way. - There is NO other Plan that exists like it.

5. What happens when the horse I select turns out to be the favorite
and the place/show price is really small? - No problems there at
all ... This will often be the case, it's not that you have
selected the favorite, it' has simply become the favorite - there
is a difference. This is where the Diabolical Staking Plan comes
into effect, turning small odds. even as low as $1.20 into 100's/1
... think about that for a moment...100's/1.....BUT if the price is
really stupid...simple.... NO BET there are plenty of other

6. Do I need to have patience, I'm a little bit greedy... I want to
win lots of money tomorrow - Will your plan do that for me? -
Probably NOT - I've written a lot on this subject over the years.
The bottom line if you want to succeed in this game - You require
PATIENCE - NOT to Bet on EVERY RACE - Be VERY selective with your
choice - FOLLOW the rules contained in My Mathematical Formula when
NIGHT - It's not going to happen and walk away from any advert you
see promising such things.
With The Selection Methods contained in My Mathematical Formula one
can expect at least 8 out of every 10 selections to be correct -
The successful operation of The Diabolical Staking Plan
OCCASIONALLY HAPPENS in one day or perhaps two but it is more
common to be over a two to four week period or more. We are looking
for, and selecting horses that we consider are a SAFE and as SURE
as possible to be PLACED. - This means a horse that runs either 1st
- 2nd or 3rd - How hard under these conditions can it be to pick
these types? - It's not hard to do....

7. Are there going to be times when I lose? - YES THERE ARE - It is
very important for you to remember that Horse Racing is GAMBLING -
There is no such thing as a 'Secure Bet' a 'Dead Certainty' or any
other runner described in a similar manner as often indicated in
some internet adverts - YOU MUST remember the so called 'Secure Bet
or Dead Cert' can OFTEN and will OFTEN lose. - Gambling is NOT a
Secure Business Investment, it's gambling - However, treated in a
business like manner, it can be profitable.


....about My Mathematical Formula - This publication WAS 'PROOFED'
by the Australian Commission of Consumer Affairs and whilst this
'body' cannot by LAW endorse a product, they found NO FAULTS with my
advertising OR The Product itself and I had FULL Permission to
advertise and make this product available. THIS is a FACT and is on

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick scheme and you are not going to get
promises of millions of dollars over night or anything equally as
stupid. - This is a serious book for those interested in gambling
and Horse Racing.....

This Book - originally published in 1978 and then republished in the
early 80's by MacLean Publishing (Australia) PTY LTD. - My
Mathematical Formula has been designed For Place Betting On Horses
or Using the Dutch Method - It is NOT a typical accumulator type of
plan or something silly and already known like that...... - It has
nothing to do with increasing your stake money after a loser etc. -
There is a Simple, Sensible and Clever Selection Process also
supplied along with two other Staking Plans unique to THIS E-book. -
ANYONE can follow this even my 6 year old daughter could do it.....

My Mathematical Formula will show you a unique and different way and
the approach professionals use....

There is nothing quite like this anywhere

My Mathematical Formula

Here as you read, this is the right way to do it

With the 'orthodox' methods of placing bets, - no one is ever going
to accumulate a significant amount. But, My Mathematical Formula
shows you a way to accumulate A COLOSSAL AMOUNT. Without increasing
your stake money.

In this profession there is only ONE WAY THAT EXISTS to make a
fortune on which to retire and during the whole process of
accumulating this fortune - YOUR CAPITAL IS NOT AT RISK. - This way
is using My Mathematical Formula(TM) and The Diabolical Staking

What is a worthwhile amount of money to have won (profit) at the end of
the year?

What is a fortune? ... to some it may be $25,000. to others $250,000
whilst to another section it may be $2,500,000. The person
considering $25,000 lives accordingly and is probably betting with
$2 or $3 stakes. The 2.5 million dollar man, probably more affluent
may well be placing bets in the hundreds of dollars - all is

Putting $3 on and winning at 4-1 twice a week, and NOT HAVING ONE
SINGLE LOSING BET will take 20 years to achieve $25,000. That is not
one loser in 20 years. nor spending a single cent of your winnings
..... and, 4 -1 is a really good price.

The 2.5 million dollar man, placing $300 would also take 20 years to
achieve his goal .... and without a single LOSING BET during all
this period.

No one wants to wait 20 years - We want this NOW

This now brings us to plain commonsense in pursuing My Mathematical
Formula(TM) where your risk is based on $1 to $20 stakes.

With horse racing, to make a successful selection is the easiest
operation in the world.

With My Mathematical Formula you can expect 8 out of 10 selections
to be correct. I've made MORE than a living using this for over 30
years..... And this can be used in any country - UK - Australia -
USA - HK - NZ - SP - South Africa - EVERYWHERE.

YOUR selection is indicated immediately ....

Many punters will say - if they could have all the money they have
lost, they'd be rich men.

True - but they have forgotten one important thing.

The answer is simple - they were too greedy... They bet just for the
win. Had they been geared for Place Betting they could have made
huge amounts of money.

This is the Diabolical Staking Plan(TM) that has already made
Place/Show Betting Pay more than any other strategy in the entire
history of Gambling......

We incorporate built-in safety valves that no other plan contains
and with these you are allowed to retain dividends.

Your desire is to win right? - This is what My Mathematical Formula
will help do for you !

You could have 50 losses one after another yet, with My Mathematical
Formula on success you WILL win colossal amounts.

Can you now begin to see the difference when using My Mathematical

In all cases your risk was $100. - Level stakes produced a $100

10% of the $100 bank produced slightly more - $158.68 profit

My Mathematical Formula produced a whopping $12,266.00. - .....and
all from the SAME $100........

Honestly, which would you rather have had?

$158.68 or $12,266.00?

Remember this too. - With My Mathematical Formula when applied to
Horse Racing, YOUR horse need only come 1st - 2nd or 3rd ! - (Your
horse doesn't even have to be a winner)

It doesn't get easier than this - and this can be used ANYWHERE in
the World.

When applied to Sports Betting it does get even better. With Horse
Racing you still have at least 5 other runners against you, BUT with
Sports Betting you only have one team against you.

You could be winning these amounts right now - even today

Just as our Client D.P.M. did, who in 1989 wrote:

"....Dear Mr. MacLean,

What's all this about $100,000 richer?

I am much more in front than that by using your 'My Mathematical

'Absolutely priceless' ................ Do you know that in all that
time I only had one wipeout and that was the second bet. Great isn't
it? I can't thank you enough for putting your book

I'M SET FOR LIFE! .... Well, thank you once again. I extend a
handshake across the mail. D.M.P Ararat VIC.3377....."

My Mathematical Formula will show you a NEW WAY that you have not
seen before.

This can make you successful and if applied right ............It
will make you successful


In 1987... a client wrote this:

.. about 'My Mathematical Formula' ... for Horse Racing & Sports
Betting ... " There is no doubting your Mathematical Formula is
genius at work. It simply cannot be faulted and in consequence not a
living soul can lose. Now it may be genius but genius can be a
bl.....y. fool. Are you so naive not to realize that the successful
application of your plan will simply put an end to punting. I DO NOT

My Mathematical Formula is a complete education, for the novice to
the seasoned professional gambler.

You must be CONSISTENTLY successful with your selections

My Mathematical Formula will show you how to do this.

Then using The Diabolical Staking Plan - You commence your win.


AND ......
and from ...Sue in the UK 2002 .....

Dear Malcolm
Thanks ever so much for a great reply. I now understand it all - it
was the straight place bet that was confusing me, but now, as you
have elaborated further - it all makes perfect sense now. Like you
said, betting a horse to place will give higher strike rates than
betting one to win so this is what I prefer to do Malcolm.

Many thanks too for the second book you kindly attached - that was
very thoughtful of you. I shall read it today. You have been most
helpful and very courteous in your emails, I am sure you are
following in your Dad's footsteps - I would recommend your
publications to anyone...
Best regards,

THIS IS IT - This is The ONLY Way

Good fortune will strike every person and the thesis of My
Mathematical Formula is to be ready when this occurs.

When I say good fortune, I am not referring to picking a winner at
10-1 or 8-1 with $1, $5 or $10 invested (or, of course even more)
and coming away from the track, or the Bookmaker with perhaps an
extra hundred or so dollars in your pocket.

This is all very nice - but what good is that? Perhaps a night out,
a couple of days holiday, then, back to square one.

With My Mathematical Formula we want to win a lot more than that!


We don't want to wait 20 years - We want this NOW

Investing in My Mathematical Formula now will be good news for you
and you will be happy with your purchase.

Take advantage of my offer and see how My Mathematical Formula(TM)
will quickly benefit you.


3rd Feb 2005 - Hi Mal, My name is Van H. and on 1/25/2005 I
purchased your Program and I must say, after spending thousands of
dollars on lots of programs, including a roulette program
That cost me $1200 with an additional upgrade that cost an extra
$600, I must say that you are the Real McCoy I find everything that
you say true so far and I'm only half way through reading it. You
are right, there definitely is no system out there that works, and
thank you for letting me know about the consulting hotlines. I was
paying $127 every 2 months and could not even afford to place the
high priced trifecta and superfecta bets.

Your method of selections seems is the only one that has given me a
positive feeling after
Trying them out on paper. Once I finish reading your treatise I an
going to start applying the methods. The reason that I am sending
you this email today is mainly to say Thank You for existing and
sharing the best knowledge that I have had the privilege of reading
in my entire life. I know this time that I have found the real
thing, and that you will be the person to change me and my families
life forever.

This is the one you want to own!

My Mathematical Formula(TM)

Malcolm MacLean(TM)

The full Comprehensive Edition


This has been made very easy for you - Now included are interactive

These help calculate the entire process and the full results for 'My
Mathematical Formula' & The Diabolical Staking Plan are shown
immediately. You can also test performance under various conditions.

This automates the entire staking process of My Mathematical Formula

Enter the odds - The rest is automatic - It couldn't be easier.


Pay by Credit Card or use your PAYPAL Account

You never have to quit the way you bet now if you don't want to....
just try this along side... Work a few things out for yourself...
Remember you are selecting a horse to run a place, NOT a win... It's
not hard to do at all...
If you do have questions I'll always answer them. What I have said
above is absolutely the truth.
Malcolm MacLean

Pay by Credit Card or use your PAYPAL Account


Purchase My Mathematical Formula NOW

Purchase through Clickbank please click here. This is for My
Mathematical Formula the ebook.


Secure Your Copy Now

MacLean - International Publishers - Malta (TM) 2018 MACLEAN

Responsible Gambling and

My Mathematical Formula (For Horse Racing) by Malcolm MacLean 2018

Responsible Gaming is a concept that gaming and gambling operators,
software suppliers and associated service providers need to uphold to
ensure their offerings uphold the highest standards to ensure a fair
and safe gaming experience that protects players from the adverse
consequences of gaming and gambling. The majority of gambling and
gaming codes now require operators to ensure land-based and online
gambling services are offered in a responsible manner. Responsible
gaming covers the areas of protecting vulnerable customers, the
prevention of underage gambling, protection against fraudulent and
criminal behaviour, ensuring information privacy, ensuring prompt and
accurate customer payments, delivering a fair gaming experience,
upholding ethical and responsible marketing, commitment to customer
satisfaction and ensuring a secure, safe and reliable operating
environment.[1] Operators refers to both land-based (e.g. casinos,
betting shops) and online or remote operators.

responsibility and to profit, there is no other way. If you have a
gambling related problem ring:

Gambling Help Online

1800 858 858

Warnings: Disclaimers:

Please note: buying this product does not grant you with a license
to resell it - re distribute it - alter it in anyway shape or form,
these products are covered by international copyright laws. These
products are tagged with a special digital ID to ensure such cases
can be easily tracked to the source.

You have no right to share this information with another living
soul. Should examples or discussion appear on any forum, world wide
that breach these terms, it will be presumed by law, that the person
making the post has obtained a legal copy of the product. Don't do

Given recent circumstances, you have no rights to openly discus this
FORMULA on any forum, chat area or by any other means, anywhere in
the world, whether it be electronically or traditional mail,
telephone or any other forms of communication. DON'T DO IT.
You have the right to print a personal copy of your purchased
product. Once you have agreed to the purchase conditions. Your
printed copy is for your own personal use and is not for
distribution, You agree to this policy by making your purchase.
Printing is automatically logged. By making your purchase, you
acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the this

What is expressly forbidden?

No portion, word, line or paragraph from this
publication/e-book/printed book/web site or email may be copied or
reproduced. This includes the re-wording and re-writing (ghost
writing) of the topics description and format.

No part of this web site - publication - topic maybe used in any
article - web site - newspaper or magazine. It will be considered as
a breach of confidence and a breach on this contract.

You have the legal right to read the contents and information
contained on this web site and the product your are purchasing for
your own personal use.

By making your purchase you acknowledge you have read, understood

End Of Terms and Conditions

This is NOT a Business Opportunity OR An Investment Opportunity

This is Horse Racing and Gambling

It's important to remember: Horse Racing Is Gambling - It is never a
business or an investment - It Is Gambling.

MacLean - International Publishers - Malta (TM) 2018 MACLEAN

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